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  • images/npc/JanFeb14/NPCnewsJanFeb14_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : January/February 2014
  • images/npc/NovDec13/NPCnewsNovDec13_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : November/December 2013 slot machines online for money
  • images/npc/SepOct13/NPCnewsSepOct13_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : September/October 2013
  • images/npc/JulAug13/NPCnewsJulAug13_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : July/August 2013
  • images/npc/MayJun13/NPCnewsMayJun13_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : May/June 2013
  • images/npc/MarApr13/NPCnewsMarApr13_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : March/April 2013
  • images/npc/JanFeb13/NPCnewsJanFeb13_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : January/February 2013
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  • images/npc/NovDec12/NPCnewsNovDec12_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : November/December 2012
  • images/npc/SepOct12/NPCnewsSepOct12_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : September/October 2012
  • images/npc/JulAug12/NPCnewsJulAug12_web.jpg
    NPC News Magazine : July/August 2012
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Many major brands currently advertise in the NPC News Magazine.

Why… because it works!

To begin advertising with the NPC News Magazine or NPC News Online website (, please contact the NPC National Office by phone at
(412) 276-5027 or by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

NPC Advertisement Specifications


trim size u s casinos online

live/non-bleed size

bleed size


8"w x 10-7/8"h

(8.0"w x 10.875")

7-1/4"w x 10-1/8"h

(7.25"w x 10.125")

8-1/4"w x 11-1/8"h

(8.25"w x 11.125"h)

2-page Spread*

16"w x 10-7/8"h

(16.0"w x 10.875"h)

15-1/4"w x 10-1/8"h

(15.25"w x 10.125"h) what is the best casino game for ipad

16-1/4"w x 11-1/8"h

(16.25"w x 11.125"h)


  • Adhere to the Live/Non-Bleed specifications as stated above. Keep type, photos and any critical artwork 3/8" (.375") from the Trim Size unless it is intended to bleed off the page.
    *Gutter allowance not included for 2-page Spread. Provide 1/2" (0.5") allowance for type running across bind.
  • Keep text type-set at a minimum of 8 points. Text that is less than 8 points must be 100% black. The NPC is not responsible for the reproduction of reverse, 4-color build, or 4-color black text that is less than 8 points.


PDF File Requirements

Ghent PDF WorkgroupAll Ads must be high-resolution print-ready PDF files (Acrobat 4 PDF 1.3 compatible or PDF-X1a:2001 compliant). Our Studio recommends using the Ghent PDF Workgroup WebCmykHiRes 1v4 (2008) setting files for Adobe Acrobat Distiller 7-10. For more detailed instructions regarding proper PDF file creation within your application visit the Ghent PDF Workgroup website at

Please note we do not accept TIFF, JPEG, EPS, AI or other file formats.

  • Images and page content must be CMYK or grayscale, and have a resolution of 300ppi or greater. RGB and spot colors will be converted to their closest CMYK equivalent. It is highly recommended to convert colors before creating the PDF file and Proofs. Total ink density of images and page content should not exceed 340%.
  • All fonts must be embedded. Some fonts are restricted from being embedded in the PDF file due to font licensing restrictions. InDesign for example, will warn you if the font cannot be embedded due to licensing restrictions. If this happens please choose another font, convert to curves, or submit the entire font with the Ad.
  • All Ad pages that bleed must have 1/8" (.125") bleed beyond Trim Size on all four sides. See Bleed Size in the Advertisement Specifications table above.
  • All trim/bleed/registration marks, and slug information must be 1/4" (.25") beyond Trim Size OR do not embed. what is the best online gambling sites
  • 2-page Spreads and Ads with 3 or more pages must be submitted as single pages.


Proofs Required

Color proofs, 100% in size and indicating bleed, are required to be supplied for all Ads. Advertiser accepts responsibility for any printing errors resulting from failure to provide proofs.

SWOP standard high-resolution digital halftone proofs are recommended. SWOP standard proofs permit a close color match to be achieved on press. virtual game card wow

Digital Color Proofs such as a dye-sub, laser, or inkjet proofs only confirm the content of the files supplied but will not match ink colors on press.



Delivering Ad Files

Due to the large number of Ad files associated with each issue, Our Studio respectfully requests that you DO NOT invite Our Studio to download files from your FTP service.

Advertisement files can be uploaded with an Insertion Order through our Client Area. Files may also be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , uploaded through DropBox, or delivered on CD/DVD.

Before uploading any files, it is highly recommended that you use StuffIt or WinZip to compress the file size. Smaller file sizes will upload much faster and avoid any possible file corruption during the upload process.



Publisher’s Approval

Advertisements are accepted upon the representation that advertiser and its agency have the right to publish the contents thereof. In consideration of such publication, advertiser and its agency agree to indemnify and hold publisher harmless against any expense or loss by reason of any claims arising out of publication. All contents of advertisement are subject to publisher’s approval. Publisher reserves the right to reject or cancel any advertisement, insertion order, space reservation or position commitment at any time without cause.

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